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"Fordlandia" and "Talking Dead"

September 13, 2016

DJ Bear and I were fortunate enough to receive the blessing of Joy Basu and the permission from Smashtrax to include Joy Basu's song "Industrial Rave Rock" in our Halloween Playlist. 

DJ Bear was a little (OK, he was very much) perplexed at my ecstasy when I got the golden e-mail from Smashtrax on Saturday.  He's the more (OK, he's the only) laid back of the two of us here at Holiday Radio.  He was driving me to the garage to pick up my just-repaired vehicle when I discovered the e-mail on my phone.  My bouncing around in his Jeep while jibber-jabbering gobbeldygook and waving my phone was totally lost on him. 

You see, when we started putting together the Halloween Playlist for this station, I was determined to find songs from "The Walking Dead" and "Talking Dead" to include in the rotation.  Bear McCreary's (no relation to DJ Bear) theme song to "The Walking Dead" was relatively easy to find and purchase.  It was the two songs from "Talking Dead" that took a ton of work to track down.  I was obviously successful in finding out what the "Dead Live Quiz" song was and getting it in the rotation, but the "In Memoriam" song continues to elude me.  

Or does it?

I did a ton of research on the internet (mostly on YouTube).  There is no consensus as to what the "In Memoriam" song is. 

It seems the most popular opinion is that it's from the soundtrack to the movie "Dragonheart," either the "Main Theme" or "To the Stars."  I've listened to both songs, and I don't hear those four notes.  I kind of hear the end of the "In Memoriam" song.  A remote kinda-sorta.   

Another contention is that it is "Time to Say Goodbye" by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman.  I listened to the song.  Twice.  A live version and the studio version.  I don't hear those four notes.  I don't hear anything at all in that song that REMOTELY sounds like the "In Memoriam" song.   

Another contention is that it is "Epicurists" by Jack in the Water.  The four notes are definitely in that song.  Over and over and over, just like in the "In Memoriam" segment.  But it's not the same song.  The four notes in "Epicurists" are played on a piano.  The four notes in the "In Memoriam" song are played by violins.  

I believe the individuals who said it is Johann Johannsson's "Fordlandia" are correct.  I listened to the song.  All 13 minutes and 42 seconds of it.  I began to jibber-jabber gobbeldygook at DJ Bear when the song was slightly after the eight minute mark.  I believe I found the song.  No, I KNOW I found the song.  I purchased it. 


On occasion I have been accused of being tone deaf.


I wrestled with the idea of adding it to the rotation.  Like I mentioned above, the song is 13 minutes and 42 seconds long.  So it takes up almost a quarter hour of a listener's time - the time of a listener who is looking for Halloweeny music.  I knew (even though the thought is frightening as hell and I always push it out of my mind) that not everyone watches "The Walking Dead," and not everyone who watches "The Walking Dead" watches "Talking Dead."  "Fordlandia" is a beautiful song.  It is a beautiful, calming, instrumental, classical-sounding song.  It is a super long song that has the exact sound clip that is looped for "In Memoriam" buried in the song more than halfway through it.  Would listeners tune out before hitting the eight minute mark?  Probably.  They'd scratch their heads and wonder why the song was on the station, chalk it up to an error when the playlist was put together, not like the song because the station falsely advertised a Halloween playlist, and permanently tune Holiday Radio out.  And if they were not watchers of "Talking Dead," then for sure there'd be more head scratching going on than what would be healthy for a person's sebaceous glands. 

I did a lot of wrestling over whether or not certain other songs should be included in the playlist ("Somewhere Down the Crazy River," anyone?), but "Fordlandia" is the only one that didn't make the cut.  I feel like I won because I kept digging and digging until I found the song.  But ultimately I lost because I could not figure out a reason to justify shoving the square peg of "Fordlandia" into the round hole of "Halloween Music." This does not sit well with me because I found the song after a lot of digging.  And because I most definitely believe that it is the "In Memoriam" song from "Talking Dead."  And because I am a sore loser. 

Below are each of the songs that have been accused at one time or another of being the "In Memoriam" song from "Talking Dead."  Please let me know in the comments which one you think it is.  Or if you have another contender, bring it on!


---DJ Lorelei